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Weber Instrument Donation 2015

The Sycamore High School Music Department recently received a generous donation of an Alto Saxophone and Trumpet from Deb Weber and George Ohlin. Chicagoan Deb Weber, a long-time friend of Band parents Marcia and Paul Watson, were looking for a good home for these instruments. Deb explains, “Our children played these instruments when they were in high school but are no longer playing them. When I mentioned this to Marcia, she suggested donating them to the Sycamore Music Department.”

Weber and Ohlin also donated a mountain dulcimer for last year’s A Note to Remember fundraising event hosted by the Sycamore Music Boosters. “We are happy to donate these instruments so they can be used by current music students and are glad to help support the music programs at Sycamore High School” comments Deb Weber.

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