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Sycamore Music Boosters Scholarships

Please read the applications below to learn more about scholarship types, amounts and durations.  Students are eligible for one scholarship per year.  The status of the Sycamore Music Booster budget may determine the quantity and dollar amount of scholarships awarded.

Contact SMB Scholarship Chairperson, Abby Aska -, or your music teacher for questions or more information.

Summer Camp Scholarship

Music camp scholarships are awarded to help the growth of individual students as well as building the Sycamore Music program. Sycamore school music students in grades 6-11 and currently enrolled in the 2023-2024 music program are eligible to apply for a scholarship to be applied toward music camp this summer. Students are eligible for one scholarship per year.  The application deadline is Friday, April 19, 2024 and must be submitted to the student’s music teacher.

Senior Scholarship

Any Sycamore High School graduating senior intending to major in music in college may apply for the Senior Music Scholarship with up to three being given, one in each of the following areas: choir, band, and orchestra. The Senior Scholarship is $1000.00.  In addition to the scholarships awarded by the music boosters, there is the Kirk Lundbeck Scholarship.  Students are eligible for one scholarship per year. Please submit the Senior Music Scholarship Application AND the Senior Music Scholarship Recommendation Form. The application must be submitted to the student’s music teacher

Continuing Education College Scholarship - Music Majors

The Continuing College Music Scholarship is available to one or several Sycamore High School graduates that are currently an undergraduate college junior or senior majoring in music.  This is a $1000.00 scholarship. Students are eligible for one scholarship per year.


Continuing Education College Scholarship - Non-Music Majors

The Sycamore Music Boosters are accepting applications from Sycamore High School graduates who are currently participating in music in college, such as choir, orchestra, marching band but not majoring in music. The Boosters may award one or several scholarships, depending on the applications and the status of the scholarship fund. The single scholarship amount is $1000.00. This is a competitive scholarship and the recipient or recipients will be determined based on the overall quality of the applications submitted.

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