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Sycamore Music Boosters is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers. Our mission is to enrich the music education of all music students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  We have wonderful people volunteering their time and talents for your student(s) and this organization, but we always need more help! We have a very active Music Boosters group, and in the last 5 years we have purchased band uniforms, a grand piano, choral risers, a band trailer, numerous instruments, and provided educational opportunities and food for special trips.  We also provide music camp scholarships each year in addition to senior and continuing college scholarships.

We are looking for more people to become involved in our organization.  We will be holding elections for board positions this Spring and we are looking for people to fill the positions that are up for election:


  • Presides at all meetings of the member and of the Board

  • Conducts the affairs of the organization with the direction and consent of the Board

  • Appoints committee members, coordinators, and committee chairpersons as needed to carry out the projects and activities of the organization

  • Represents the Music Boosters in matters with the Sycamore School Board and the public


  • Records and keeps the minutes of all meetings, providing copies of the minutes to the members of the Board

Fundraising Chair

  • Communicates with local/area businesses to develop fundraising opportunities

  • Organizes and manages fundraisers for the Music Boosters

  • Communicates with Publicity Chair to advertise fundraiser

  • Works with the Music Department Chair to notify the faculty about fundraising activities so that information can be passed to students and parents

In addition to filling these board positions, we are also looking for people to serve in the following roles

3 people to serve as members of the nominating committee for Board elections

Committee Chair and Co-chair for A NOTE TO REMEMBER  (adult fundraiser event typically held in February)

6 parent representatives to attend their student(s) concerts and represent the Music Boosters with announcements or anything the Board might need to communicate to parents in attendance.  We would like one SMS and one SHS parent for each group: Band, Orchestra and Choir.

Would you please consider how you can help and contact us at

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