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How Much Is The Tuition Fee For Western University

Tuition and Fees. Tuition is divided into three payments, due at the beginning of each term in September, January and May. The amounts in the table below includes basic tuition, program-specific fees, and student ancillary fees. The program-specific portion of the total fee supports the delivery of unique aspects of the MDA program. International Students (Study Permit) $13,726**.

$13,047. $13,047. $39,820. * While every effort has been made to ensure the above schedule is accurate and complete, Western University reserves the right to make changes as required. Amounts are in Canadian Dollars (CAD$) and are subject to change each academic year. Below are estimates based on 2021-22 tuition. You won't get your exact tuition and fees cost until you are registered in courses. Estimated year 1 domestic tuition and fees: $7,778 to $14,122. Estimated year 1 international tuition and fees: $38,692 to $52,554. Find my tuition and fees.

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